The Nina – Watermelon


Wild hearted Nina. Always seeking the next big adventure. Her light is bright, colourful and full of wisdom. Nina believes in learning through life experiences. Traveling the world what she does. She makes deep connections with nature, people and enjoys the best food at every place she visits. There are two things she loves the most: late night dancing to amazing local music during the sunset & sticking her head through the window to feel the fresh air on her face while she travels to a new place. Nina is like a shooting star: you are lucky to catch her brightness for split second.

❁ Every sweater is handmade to order, please allow 2 to 3 weeks (depending on demand) for the magic to happen.
❁ Please take care of me! Wool is a naturally odour- & stain-resistant fibre. Handwash only when needed with cold water.
❁ Hand made in Antwerp, Belgium.

Please note that each knit is hand made and may vary in appearance.
As well as the colours of each knit due to lighting conditions. We thank you for your understanding.

Laid flat
Width approx 78cm (30.75inch) – 84cm (33inch) – 89cm(35inch)
Length approx 53cm (21inch) – 57cm (22.50inch) – 61cm(24inch)
Sleeves from seamline approx 36cm (14inch) – 39cm(15.50inch) – 41cm (16inch)

Model on the pic is wearing The Nina in Watermelon in size XS/S.