The Lennie – Violet


Lennie’s imagination is wild. Some might say: out of this world. She sees life through her own rose-coloured glasses. Naïve not so much, it’s just more interesting that way. Lennie is a true changemaker. Her imagination allows her to see far beyond limited beliefs and limited solutions. When everyone else says ‘that’s just how things are’, Lennie doesn’t settle. She finds a new way to see things, a new solution.

❁ Every sweater is handmade to order, please allow 2 to 3 weeks (depending on demand) for the magic to happen.
❁ Please take care of me! Wool is a naturally odour- & stain-resistant fibre. Handwash only when needed with cold water.
❁ Hand made in Antwerp, Belgium.

Please note that each knit is hand made and may vary in appearance.
As well as the colours of each knit due to lighting conditions. We thank you for your understanding.

Laid flat
Width approx 78cm (30.75inch) – 84cm (33inch) – 89cm(35inch)
Length approx 53cm (21inch) – 57cm (22.50inch) – 61cm(24inch)
Sleeves from seamline approx 36cm (14inch) – 39cm(15.50inch) – 41cm (16inch)

Model on the pic is wearing The Lennie in Violet in size XS/S.