pom. is a knitwear brand founded by a self-taught knitting enthusiast, Marian Delgra. A true fashionista and a booklover at heart living in the hectic city of Antwerp, Belgium.

Every piece, designed and made, reflects her own personal style. Soaking up all the inspiration out of ordinary things. The knits at pom. are specially made for the everyday woman who dares to embrace fashion at its best. Celebrating women with a minimalistic look and feminine elegance for all body types and all ages.

We offer various styles made with the most high quality sustainable yarn sourced by family run farms. Each and every knit is exclusively hand knit made in Antwerp. Many hours go into making each knit. With eye for detail and care, each knit comes out as a completely unique and made to last piece.

We strongly believe in creating ethical and sustainable fashion, creating something real. Just as humans, never in factories. We are real. Handmade is real.

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